Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the Hunter Family

I had so much fun meeting this adorable family last week for their photo session. I'd had them scheduled while I was really sick & had to cancel our original session, luckily I we were able to get their pictures done last week instead! They are such a cute and fun family! Their two little boys are so cute - check out their big blue eyes (amazing aren't they?). And their sweet baby girl was so sweet and oh so beautiful. I was finally able to flip through them for the first time since the session today & here are a few that stuck out. I can't wait to go through them again to pick out some more (I'll try to post them once I do).
And a big THANKS to my cute hubby for being my awesome assistant for this session.
images straight out of camera
A few weeks ago I got to go and shoot with a photographer whose work I've admired for some time - Carrie Stroud ( She lives in Florida but was here visiting for a few days & I just LOVED hanging out with her for this session. I had planned to go with her for a few sessions but it was right when I was really sick & I just couldn't do more than the one session that I made it to. I had such a great time & learned so much from her in the short time I got to spend with her. And the family we shot was so much fun & up for anything! I spent a lot of the session observing, holding reflectors/diffusers, & trying to get kids' attention rather than taking pictures but I did take quite a few pictures & love what I got! And isn't this location just great? I'm so in love with it right now & can't wait for my next session there (it was actually my idea to shoot there & I'm so thrilled with how well it photographed). I shared these on my family blog shortly after the session & today I finally got around to playing with them a bit in photoshop & thought I'd post them here too in some of the different finishes that I typically include with each session.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Session in Park City Anyone?

I'll be spending some time up in the Park City area over Labor Day weekend and have availability for 1 session while I'm up there if anyone is interested. If you'd like to have some pictures done in the Park City area that weekend send me an e-mail and we'll get it set up.
Happy Monday Everyone!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Mauer Family

This was another fun family session, I sure have had a bunch of them lately. This family scheduled their session with me a few months ago since they knew that some of their family was going to be in town & it had been some time since their last family picture, and this was the only day that everyone would be in town at the same time. All during the day of the session it was windy, rainy & disgusting outside & I was SO afraid that we'd have to cancel because of weather (I'd had to cancel another session earlier in the week due to weather & didn't want to have to do that again). Lucky for us when we got to our location the rain seemed to disappear & things worked out in our favor - thank heavens! Now, I couldn't have done this session without the help from my amazing assistant Stacy - thanks for everything lady!