Thursday, October 8, 2009

Weekly Assignment

You'll probably get sick of seeing my weekly assignments on here, especially since I've had some really fun sessions lately that I'm trying to pull favorites from but haven't posted quite yet - so stay tuned for those here very soon.
This week in my photography group our assignment was to shoot in full manual. If you're not familiar with SLR's - full manual means that the photographer controls everything rather than the camera setting it for you. When I first got my 'new' camera 2 yrs ago I was so overwhelmed trying to learn manual. Shortly after I got my camera I came across some classes being taught by one of my favorite photographers. By the time I finished her 101 class I was feeling very confident in using manual & have never gone back!
I was so excited when our theme for this week was announced since it's something I do all the time (ok, I don't use my manual focus as much as I'd like but when you're shooting kids that can get tricky).
My pic(s) for this week's assignment come from my session yesterday (you'll see more of this adorable gal shortly) - they're straight out of the camera

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McDermaid Fam said...

beautiful! maybe i need to take a course on manual from you !

Courtney said...

She is so stinking cute! Makes me want a baby girl again! What great pictures!

Jim's Photo Blog said...

These are great! I love the expressions. You have great captures here and perfect exposures.

Dan said...

Agreed, perfect exposure...Love the tongue sticking out...Classic! More people shoot in full manual than I guessed!