Monday, October 19, 2009

Made Me Laugh

he other night I had a really fun session with a cute little family (you'll see them here shortly) over at Wheeler Farm. When I pulled into the parking lot it was PACKED - I go there frequently & had never seen it like that before. Now it's no secret that it's a really great place to have pictures done, but man it was insane! There must have easily been 50+ photographers there during the hour or so that we were there. We had to be careful where we shot to avoid getting people in the background & had to wait for (or not shoot at) many of the places we'd planned to use, oh yeah & at one point someone from the farm came over to us & told us that the people running the wagon rides were complaining that photographers were not getting out of their way so they were having to wait. So I thought I'd humor you with a picture I got as we were moving from one area to another. . . I think you can see 4 different groups getting pictures done in just this one picture (not to mention all the groups you can't see but are right there too - there are groups where there are red stars too). It was nuts. . . though we sure got some great pictures (with nobody in the background - thank heavens) that evening!


Kimberly Danae Photography said...

everyone must be taking advantage of the fall colors and the last few weeks of nice weather. what a joke though. that is how it was when i went to my lehi location last week. i bet there were easily 10 groups... Then, at one point we set two chairs i had brougt aside while we walked down to the tracks to get a few pics, well on our way back, some random photographer had taken it upon herself to start using the chairs i had left sitting for a minute! i wa like UH< I need those back please!?! seriously, i wonder what people are thinking half the time!

Jen said...

LOL! isnt it the truth?!! So... I guess now Wheeler Farm is making you have a pass, and they are even considering charging to shoot there! crazy!!