Sunday, June 14, 2009

Miss A & Little Dude W

Alright, so as I get myself caught up on here I can promise one thing. . . the shoots will not be in the order that they were shot (reverse order maybe).

These two cute kiddo's live in our old neighborhood & it was so fun to get to do their pictures and catch up a bit with their cute mom! Little Dude W is about a week older than my little guy and while his mom & I were pregnant with the boys we talked all the time - even joking that we might get to be hospital buddies if both babies cooperated (which they didn't, of course). Mom wanted to get some pictures of them in their Easter outfits & get some 6 month pictures of the little dude. We must have rescheduled their session 4 times before we were actually able to get their pictures taken (thanks to them getting sick, us getting sick, rain, and more sickness). I had a great time taking their pictures & hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

(as always, images are straight out of camera)

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