Friday, June 26, 2009

3 Cute Girls

Yes you've seen these 3 cuties before. I'm lucky to call these 3 my nieces and their mom rocks at getting pictures of them taken regularly (thanks for always coming to me)! Little Miss G was in need of some 9 month pictures & they were also in need of some new ones of cute E & H for their wall so we took care of that. They're all growing up so fast I can hardly believe it. I had so much fun doing these pictures, and though I have so much fun on every shoot I do this was one of my favorites yet! All 3 girls had me laughing most of the evening - not to mention the fact that my 2 yr old decided that he needed to be in some of their pictures too (I usually don't bring my boys on shoots but since it was their cousins they got to tag along).
Thanks for such a fun evening & I hope you love these pics as much as I do! Love you girls!

This next picture just cracks me up - it's a little out of focus but I still LOVE it.
G kept wanting to eat the rock wall but she was told NO so this is what she did. She's such a silly little girl & boy is she going to be a handfull!

My little guy decided that he needed to be in some of their pics too - good thing my cute sis in law was prepared & pulled out her camera & pulled him aside & took pictures of him while I took pictures of the girls! Worked like a charm!
Doesn't this remind you of the AT&T ads "more bars in more places"?
It was cute watching these 3 running around together while I took pictures of little G - they sure had fun!
**Note, not sure what's going on but for some reason the pictures are pulling up fuzzy & with wierd coloring here on blogger - if you know how to fix that will you let me know? The pictures really don't look like this and it's bugging me**

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