Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Latest News

I was going to stop scheduling sessions after the 18th, but I've decided that I will continue to schedule sessions through the 27th. So, if you'd like to schedule a session between now & the 28th just send me an e-mail. Now, if you do schedule a session for before the 28th, just know that it could be cancelled (due to me having a baby) & I may not be able to get your images back to you as fast as I normally would.
For those of you who are just looking to get a few pictures, maybe not an entire session, I'm offering mini sessions from now to the 28th and again beginning in mid November. Mini sessions will consist of about 20-30 minutes of shooting for up to 5 people/pets ($5 extra for each additional person/pet) and 5 edited images on a copyright release disc for $30. You can then take your images and use them for Christmas Cards or just to update your family picture. These sessions will not include group & individual shots as normal sessions would, they will consist of family/group shots unless you'd prefer it to be just individual shots.
If you're interested in having pictures during the week of Thanksgiving in the Park City area, let me know. I'll be relaxing up there with my family that week & still have a few photo session/mini session spots available during that time.
As always, if you have any question or would like to book a session e-mail me at

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