Saturday, March 8, 2008

New Backdrops! - Updated

I'm getting 2 new backdrops today & I couldn't be more excited! Unfortunatly I don't think they'll work out too well for the Missionary shoot I have this morning. I'm getting a really fun bright pink and a bright blue. They will look so cute behind your little ones (or juts about everyone) and bring a new level of fun and pizzaz to your pictures. Of course you wouldn't want to do ALL your pics on a bright backdrop, but I'd probably get a few. Hope you guys like them as much as I do!
I'll try and get some shots on them today so you can see just what fun colors they are!
Well, looks like they didn't make it in today, guess I'll have to wait until next weekend - bummer.

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Maman Pélissié said...

Hey Viv,

Who are you buying your backdrops from?