Saturday, March 8, 2008

Elder R

R is getting ready to send in his mission papers and asked if I could take his pictures for him. We had such a great time on this shoot even though the weather wasn't quite what we had planned for (it was supposed to be 50 today, but we woke up to a few inches of snow this morning and got drizzled on during the shoot). After we got some shots of him in his grown up suit we got some fun ones of him. We were able to get LOTS of great pictures and I let R & my sister (look forward to her pics from today) pick their favorites to be posted. Since R's parents couldn't join us for the shoot - Becky, these are for you! R is such a fun guy & we're going to miss having him around when he leaves, but we know that he's going to be an AWESOME Missionary! Enjoy!
**Update: R got his mission call about a week ago, he'll be off to teach the people of
Buenos Aires Argentina
in the next few months. Congratulations R!**


Anonymous said...

Elder R looks great! I love the pictures you chose! I had a great time taking those pictures with you! much love!

Alycia said...

Hello, I'm Elder R's big sister. I just wanted to let you know that you do a great job taking pictures of him, we usually can't get him to smile. :) My mom (Becky) also had a question for you. She was wondering if she can get prints of these pictures from or something. She isn't really internet savvy so I'd have to do it for her. Please let me know. Thanks a lot! By the way, the pictures of your sis are very cute too... she's such a sweetheart.

Alycia said...

Oh, and I was also wondering if it would be okay to post a few of the pictures on my blog, it's okay if it's not. I just thought I would ask. Thanks!